The Artisans of the project

Carpentry of the Hermitage Brest

This Brest company took care of all the wooden arrangements of the housing, this includes the headboards, the desks, some complete beds, the plank walls. Thank you to Pierre and his team for their involvement and the quality of their work.

APPIC - Brest

APPIC has taken over the ongoing work on the plaster and insulation part. Quality work while advocating technical improvements in certain places. Appic was able to mobilize the necessary resources to maintain the timing.
Thanks to them.

Tanguy Materials Group

The Tanguy Matériaux group, the Brest and Lannilis agencies brought the plaster and its accessories, windows, doors, tiles and earthenware, wood from the terrace... In short, thank you for also responding on time. Special thanks to Frédérique (tiles, earthenware)  for her collaboration with Olivier the architect.
A number of photos on this site are also credited to the Tanguy matériaux group. Thank you 

Martwood - Guiclan

Alias Martin, this young artist who we do not know if it is blood or sap that flows in his veins, made the 3 dining tables of the housing, but is also part of the team of the Menuiserie de l'Hermitage. This lover of wood, old wood from here, plays with shapes and materials like no other! The best is yet to come.

ECSM boilermaking - Ploudaniel

Laurent has put his paw everywhere, on the door and on the frame of the rotating beds of the duplex Ile Wrac'h. It is he who realized the structure of the terrace that will have to resist the kisses of the waves during the tides of large coefficients. It was necessary a solid support for the sliding shutters of the level minus one that will have to withstand the assaults of winter storms!
Thank you Laurent!

Lima Painting Project

Xavier got out of his comfort zone by accepting this extraordinary project where the creativity of the architect made him see all the colors and on all the supports!! No more than one white wall in a row!
Thank you Xavier for your involvement and the quality of the work.

Daniel SAILLOUR sanding - brest

After 2 years of work the stairs have seen things past... We wondered if we would be able to get them back. Well, Daniel's work made the steps even more beautiful than they were!

Aleno Carpentry

Alexis returns to his original profession after a pose. From a carpenter's family he launched his business a few months ago. Involved, conscientious, he realized the front of Aux pieds dans l'eau, laid the terrace in Cumaru, adjusted the doors, laid the skirting boards...
In short, thank you alexis.

Armoral Menuiserie - Ploudaniel

To resist the wind and spray, we installed aluminum joinery, triple glazing. Despite a complicated access the joinery has found its place and let your eyes pass as if you were outside.
Thank you Dider for this nice work.

Kitchens camille Foll - Relecq Kerhuon

The 3 kitchens were developed by Camille Foll. When we say that a kitchen is also an important decorative element, it makes sense when we see them placed in our homes. Quality products, a neat pose and a rendering that we will let you appreciate.
Thanks to camille for her patience and then her responsiveness!

A2P electricity - Plouguin

It was necessary to completely redo the electricity, make each dwelling independent, adds a touch of home automation and a quality internet network.
Antoine juggled with all this overall more than 200 sockets and switches to put in the right place and connect properly.
Everything works!
Thank you Antoine for your availability and kindness.

Company Mahé Carrelage - gouesnou

Frédéric was responsible for the installation of all PVC floors, tiles and earthenware. Varieties of shapes, colors, supports. It was necessary to use all the techniques of installation. Epoxy seals to top it off...
The result obtained is what the architect had imagined. The Tanguy matériaux group sent its marketing department to integrate photos of their products posed in their catalog.
Thanks Fred!

Isidoro construction - Guipavas

Drilling a hole in the wall of 4x2 with a depth of 90 cm with 4 floors above it was necessary to dare. Stéphane was not afraid. after the structural study of the SECOBA office (Sebastien Legrand) it was necessary to lower some IPN on the shoulders.
An old-fashioned masonry in its noblest has not facilitated the work, but the result is there, to the ready centimeter.
Thank you and your teams!

The website

TOTEM Architecture - Brest

While waiting for Olivier ROUFFAUD to write me his little note about the work he has done, I wanted to thank him for his support and creativity. Olivier also designed the furniture, chose the floors, tiles, tiles, colors, walls and ceilings! How can you put so much in one head?  He went above and beyond what he had committed himself to. Listening, proactive, imaginative (to doubt when you see it on paper or on a sample of 40x40